2019 ACRL poster.jpg

Association of College and Research Libraries Conference (ACRL) 2019

Cleveland, OH | April 2019

Topic: From Temporary to Transformative: Leveraging Externally-Funded Special Collections Projects as Organizational Learning and Development Opportunities

Interactive poster session presented at ACRL 2019. View interactive poster at

This poster proposes an academic library approach to addressing temporary project staffing in Special Collections and Archives with a focus on organizational transformation, professional development, and mentoring. The strategy includes both managerial perspective and insights from a visiting faculty librarian on key aspects of hiring, supporting, and leveraging temporary professional staff for impactful organizational development. While the focus of temporary projects is often completing deliverables on time, this poster presents three areas of layered learning outcomes that leverage project work as a catalyst for organizational development, managerial development, and new professional mentoring.

2018-10 NDSA Poster.jpg

National Digital Stewardship Alliance (NDSA) DigiPres Forum 2018

Henderson, NV | October 2018

Topic: The digital librarian: the liaison between digital collections and digital preservation

Poster session following the lightning talk at 2018 NDSA DigiPres Forum Opening Plenary about the role of the digital librarian and how it relates to digital preservation.

It’s common misconception digital librarians are involved only in digitizing historic materials. In fact managing digital projects is only their visible role. Once it’s over, librarians embrace their new role of information architects directly engaged in the digital preservation process of archiving master files. The digital librarian is that unit in the prep process for digital preservation that ensures meticulously organized archival directories, easy navigation and smooth file retrieval. Part of session: Minute Madness (details)

Watch lightning talk here.

Poster ALA2018.jpg

American Library Association (ALA) Annual Conference 2018

New Orleans, LA | June 2018

Topic: Techniques for successful management of a large-scale newspaper digitization project with outsourced digitization

Poster session in category Infrastructure - Posters on Buildings and Equipment, Management, and Technology (see details).

The poster session was aimed at project managers seeking to learn how to successfully manage large-scale digitization projects using limited human resources and external digitization vendors to complete the work within the time frame and deliver a product with outstanding quality.

The attendees obtained practical project management skills to start applying immediately in their daily work. The project management techniques could be generalized to assist rapid project management action on the job for projects on a larger scale as well as on a smaller scale.


Paseo Verde Library: Nevada Digital Newspaper Project and Chronicling America Presentation

Henderson, NV | March 2018

Presentation and demo session of the Nevada Digital Newspaper Project and the Chronicling America database in front of the Clark County Nevada Genealogy Society.

The poster introduces the possible uses of Chronicling America as a genealogy research tool. It also gives insight about the different types of information that can be found on the historic newspaper pages.


UNLV Libraries: Nevada Digital Newspaper Project | Outreach event

Las Vegas, NV | February 2018

The infographic was designed for an outreach event about the new addition to Chronicling America - the full run of Elko Independent newspaper (1869-1921).


UNLV Libraries: Nevada Digital Newspaper Project celebrates a milestone!

Las Vegas, NV | November 2017

The poster provides important details (statistics, batch facts, links to ready digital objects, etc.) of one of the Nevada Digital Newspaper Project production batches. It's purpose is to inform the public and the stakeholders how much work is behind one batch of data shipped to Library of Congress.

Poster open house 2017.jpg

UNLV Libraries: Research Week Open House

Las Vegas, NV | October 2017

This poster was designed for a table event at the UNLV Libraries during the Research Week, Oct. 2017.

It displays the progress of the Nevada Digital Newspaper Project in a succinct and visually appealing way. Its purpose is also to promote the project to independent researchers and faculty by providing information which historic periodicals are due for digitization during the current project cycle.

Genealogy poster 2017.jpg

Paseo Verde Library: Clark County Genealogy Fair

Henderson, NV | June 2017

This poster was designed to provide thorough title overview of the Nevada Digital Newspaper Project for the annual Clark County Genealogy Fair, June 2017.

It summarizes the newspaper titles selected for digitization, some facts about the project and some fun facts from the backstage which demonstrate the complexity of the project.

The state map is a convenient graphic element that allows viewers to quickly get an idea of the title coverage.