Master of Library and Information Science (MLIS), 2015

University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee

Specialized in metadata, digital libraries, digital asset management, taxonomies, information architecture, UX design, web design, instruction, reference, research

Master of Science (M.S.), Accounting and Audit, 2008

University of Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria

Specialized in corporate finances, financial analysis, fair valuation, management consulting, auditing and risk management, tax advising and corporate taxation

Master of Arts (M.A.), English and Bulgarian Languages, 2001

University of Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Specialized in Bulgarian and English languages, historic linguistics, European and ancient languages; lesson planning, instruction, and teaching methodology; technical and content writing


DITA for Technical Writing for IT Industry 2023


Technical Writing Master Class, 2022


Privacy and Confidentiality Issues in Digital Archives, 2018

Society of American Archivists

Linked Data, 2016

University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee

QuickBooks Pro, 2012






Bulgarian School of Las Vegas

2022-06 - Current

Technical documentation writing

- Wrote software user manuals

- Created instruction manuals for software troubleshooting

- Updated student/parent handbook

- Updated school safety procedures
- Updated school forms templates


University of Nevada, Las Vegas

2018-02 - 2022-07

Technical documentation writing

- Created and maintained internal web page hosting 100+ technical documents, procedures, manuals

- Wrote user manuals, training documentation, step-by-step instructions for complex technical procedures

- Wrote how-to manuals for digitization software and technology & manuals for cloud-based metadata software

- Wrote new hire onboarding procedures, checklists and training guidelines

Digital asset management

- Maintained cloud-based DAMS with 600,000+ digital items of different formats in multiple collections

- Configured cloud-based DAMS to support variety of collections

- Migrated 150,000+ digital items to a new Drupal/Fedora platform

- Organized, uploaded and digitally preserved digital items

- Organized and maintained a back-up of digital folder system

- Participated in developing a new DAMS by providing consultations and feedback during the UX phase

Metadata management

- Maintained and updated metadata application profile

- Cleaned up 150,000+ metadata records for migration

- Trained metadata creators to consistently apply metadata rules

- Supervised metadata creation and quality reviewed new records

- Created, enhanced and normalized controlled vocabularies

Project management

- Large-scale project management

- Prioritization, task delegation, progress tracking of complex digitization project involving 9000+ items

- Implemented Trello and Airtable (project management systems) to simplify and enhance daily operations

- Developed workflows for variety of projects

Team management

- Recruited, hired, trained, on-boarded new employees

- Daily employees supervision

- Provided specialized metadata and digitization training for staff

Reference and research

- Provided reference services to academic faculty and students

- Instructed users how to retrieve information from digital resources 


University of Nevada, Las Vegas

2016-09 - Feb 2018-02

Project management

- Oversaw large-scale digitization project (300,000+ digital items)

- Lead and troubleshooted daily operations and technology glitches

- Task prioritization, progress assessment, reporting to stakeholders

- Budget management, expenditure reporting, budget justification
- Collaborated with partners and vendors on a national and international level, including Library of Congress
- Coordinated vendors, stakeholders and advisory board
- Developed efficient workflow to streamline the digitization process

Metadata management
- Updated project metadata application profile to conform to Library of Congress standards
- Trained project staff to consistently apply metadata rules
- Supervised metadata creation and quality reviewed new records

Technical documentation writing
- Wrote/updated user manuals, technology procedures, digitization step-by-step instructions
- Wrote training documentation for project staff
- Developed a project website (web design, information architecture, content writing)

Team management
- Recruited, hired, onboarded new staff
- Trained, supervised and evaluated performance of project staff


University of Nevada, Las Vegas

2015-10 - 2016-07

Digital asset management

- Maintained, updated and curated digital assets in a cloud-based DAMS

- Organized and supervised upload of new digital assets in the DAMS

- Developed efficient workflow for adding, removing, restricting digital assets

- Generated statistics and reports of digital asset usage
- Identified and generated reports of digital assets needing remediation

Technical writing
- Developed workflow flowcharts to enhance the digitization workflow
- Developed metadata users' manual
- Developed checklists with recurring steps for metadata team
- Created video tutorials for metadata team

Metadata management
- Metadata quality control
- Developed and implemented local authority terms systems for controlled vocabularies
- Managed and curated new metadata terms
- Managed and prepared metadata for linked data projects
- Consulted software developer for necessary software enhancements, new functionalities and customization of local authority system

Team management
- Hired, trained and supervised employees
- Managed large-scale digitization project team
- Trained and managed metadata team
- Developed OCR projects and managed OCR team workflows

LIBRARY ASSISTANT | Reference and research

Las Vegas-Clark County Library District

2012-06 - 2016-09

Reference and research

- Provided reference services to library users

- Promoted library electronic resources and databases

- Instructed library users to retrieve info from databases efficiently

- Taught library users on various search techniques for refining search

Technical writing
- Wrote procedures and guidelines for the Reference department
- Created the workflow chart for training new hires

Metadata and cataloging
- Cataloged library materials to ensure easy resource discovery
- Created consistent metadata for new materials


Las Vegas-Clark County Library District

2011-09 - 2012-06

- Processed and organized library materials

- Participated in curation projects

- Participated in reorganization projects to ensure easy resource retrieval 


OTOM Ltd., Ruse, Bulgaria

2006-02 - 2011-03

- Performed financial analysis and forecasts

- Generated financials reports for stakeholders

- Assisted in budget preparation and expense management activities

- Monitored expenditures, analyzed revenues, determined budget variances
- Collaborated with IRS on financial inquires
- Assisted IRS audits
- Updated and maintained existing accounting procedures and policies
- Supervised bookkeepers


SL Industries Ltd, Ruse, Bulgaria

2005-06 - 2005-12

- Coordinated import-export transaction for foreign partners

- Ensured import-export documents comply with the customs laws and regulations

- Worked with authorities to obtain import permits and export licenses for foreign shipment 

- Gathered statistics from monthly transactions, prepared reports, reported to stakeholders


Ruse School District, Ruse, Bulgaria

2003-08 - 2006-09

- Taught intermediate and advanced students: English grammar, spelling and punctuation, reading, pronunciation, vocabulary, composition skills, critical thinking skills

- Created inspiring inclusive environment for ethnically, racially and religiously diverse students to promote academic success